13 more Mondays…

Until I retire from teaching high school…I’ve been teaching Government for 28 years at the same school! Although, I know I’ll be a sobbing mess in December, I am excited about the time I will have to make my own choices of what to do with my time! I plan to play more, exercise more, … [Read more…]


That’s the size of two of the canvasses I bought at Michaels today. Sooo…at the April retreat, I’m going to be painting!!! They were  70% off, then another 15% off that!  What the heck!  YOU CANNOT  BEAT THAT!  So for about 15 canvasses I paid approximately $150…regular price one of the 48X60 is $99! What … [Read more…]

Live within your dreams…

So, I’m obsessed with the tiny houses shows…It freaks me out thinking of living in 200sqft. especially with kids like some of them have! But I love seeing all the organizational and space saving ideas. I like hearing about why they want to go tiny. I could never go tiny…but I really think I can … [Read more…]

If you ever…

want to paint, do it. want to knit, learn it…on youtube. want to weave, it’s easy. want to scrapbook, preserve those memories. want to write, do it. Whatever you’ve been wanting to create…please create it.

the internet struggle is real…

OMG!!! I got all excited…Century Link is digging up the front of Rockin’ R and laying fiber optic cables. So me and my Polly Anna attitude thought YES! no more data limits and huge internet bills with stupid HughesNet. So I called…on the phone for over an hour. Talked to 4 people (2 I could … [Read more…]

Political Arena

I’m staying out of it…I have my beliefs and I feel strongly about them and I’m keeping them to myself. So lets talk about the Creative Arena!  There are so many ways to live your life creatively…you do it everyday without even realizing it… The outfit you put together with colors that just work, but … [Read more…]

Rena Cotti

It’s the Friday before Spring Break and I can’t wait to finish my taxes so I can play!  I’ve got some coloring to do, some knitting and some other artsy-craftsy goodness waiting for me.